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Philip OlsonMay 2, 2011 10:47 am 
Subject:[PHP-DOC] user notes: moderation flag
From:Philip Olson (
Date:May 2, 2011 10:47:25 am

Hello everyone,

Is anyone here looking for a smallish project to work on? If so, go here:


The subsection titled "Baby steps: step A, moderation flags" could be
implemented without worrying about the entire notes system. Basically, the steps
might include:

- User clicks on "flag" button near individual note - Popup --- Checks if logged in --- If not logged in, prompts reCaptcha or similar (human?) --- If logged in, could allow other options (@todo future) - Window now has several options, including: --- A button to submit the flag, with no details (quick flag) --- Or optionally allow entering details such as users name, email, textarea
and/or select a reason for flag (e.g., Spam, Wrong...) - Flagged notes generate email to a list, and are also listed within our web
admin panel. (only email for now is fine) --- People can subscribe to receive these emails? (@todo future) - Moderator takes action, which includes current options (delete/reject/modify)
and perhaps a new unflag option. - If note flag is accepted (e.g., deleted), should we notify the user via email?
Or list via email?

It's worth noting that already includes jquery+ui, if you desire to use

Regards, Philip