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Subject:[PHP-DEV] About PHP6 ...
From:Eli (
Date:Apr 2, 2014 5:48:19 am

Hello everyone. I've been hitting a lot of conferences recently, and found myself having the same discussion with multiple members of the community. And many of them have 'heavily encouraged me' to bring this discussion up here. And Julien's recent PHP6 email, reminded me that I hadn't done so.

The short form is:

We should not name the next version of PHP: PHP6, for 2 reasons: 1. It will cause confusion in those least able to adapt 2. It costs us nothing, hurts us in no way, to name it something else

So let me get into some more details...

Right now, unfortunately due to various issues that we won't go into. There are a lot of books on the market, on shelves in bookstores here in the US, and online, that talk about PHP6. A quick search for PHP6 on Amazon, brings up 6 books in the first page of results alone.

Yes, it sucks that this happened. Yes, it's stupid. Is it 'our' (internals / core devs) fault? No. But the fact is that they exist, and they are still out there.

Now what is going to happen, when 'average jane PHP developer' out there. Finds out that PHP6 is released. Or someone who is going to be brand new to learning PHP, and wants to make sure they are learning the latest version ... What happens when that person decides they should buy a book to learn PHP6? They will go to their local bookstore, or they will go onto And they will search for PHP6 ... and they will find all of these books.

All of them being 100% completely incorrect. And not only useless to these people, but actually damaging. Because these people relying on the books to teach them what will be. Will think that they are being taught proper PHP6. When it couldn't be further from the truth. (They will be being taught PHP5.2-ish stuff, with unicode support that doesn't exist).

You might not think that people would be so easily deceived. I'm here to say, that people will be. I'm amazed weekly, if not daily. How I continue to run into people who have been programming PHP for ten years. Who have never connected to the community. Who don't know about any of the resources, people, community that exists out there. PHP runs 80% of the web, and the 'community' that we always talk about, is pitifully small in light of that.

There are 10's to 100's of thousands of PHP developers across the world, who may be relying completely upon non-community sources. And who will be directly confused by the naming of this product PHP6.

Is that 'our' fault? No, not at all.

But should we care? Yes. I think we should. These exact same people, are crucial to the ecosystem. We want to make it easy for people to pick up the language new, easy for people to transition to the new version. We want to make sure that if there is ANYTHING that we can do, that might ease some confusion or pain points. We do so. In fact it's why this group is SO adamant about not introducing non-backwards compatible changes in minor releases. Because we don't want to impact all of those millions of projects out there that people just need to work.

And the fact is. This is a problem that we can solve right here. Right now. With ZERO impact on us.

It costs us nothing, and doesn't hurt us, at all, to simply name this next release something else. By simply changing the name, we suddenly resolve all potential future confusion, not only confusion that we will visibly see on twitter, message boards, email lists, etc.

But we will be able to alleviate the hidden confusion that we won't see either (and which in turn, could hurt adoption of PHP6 as well).

And I'll state again - It costs us nothing to just put a different name on this.

It's for exactly these reasons - Why I would urge this group to name the next release something else. Call it PHP7 - Or call it anything else that you want to: PHP-X, PHP 2014, PHP-A, PHP Leaping Leopard. That part doesn't matter. What does matter is calling it something else, so that confusion doesn't occur.